User Manual

  • Bug Reports

    If you find a bug in Static, please contact us here and let us know how to reproduce the problem so it can be fixed as soon as possible.

    In the meantime, the best workaround for any issues you may encounter is to force-quit all running apps and relaunch Static:
    1. Press the Home button two times quickly.
    2. Swipe up on the previews to close each app.
    3. Open Static.

  • Transport Controls

    The transport bar is always available at the bottom of the screen and has the following functions:

    Rewind/Previous Track
    Next Track
    Show what is currently playing
    Favorite a track (used to shuffle favorites)

  • Shuffle

    To control shuffle, tap the settings button    and choose one of the following modes:

    OffDon't shuffle

    AllShuffle all tracks

    Shuffle favorited tracks

    GenreShuffle tracks in selected genres

  • Importing Music

    AirDropFrom your Mac, select the files you want to import then share via AirDrop to your iPhone. When the transfer completes select Static from the import menu. After a few seconds your files should be available.

    "Open With"This option should be available for audio and zip files downloaded in other apps like Safari and Mail. A few seconds after Static launches your files should be available.

    DropboxFrom the New Music screen, tap the + button and select "Dropbox." You will be promted to install the Dropbox app and log in. Files will be downloaded in the background and you will get a notification when they complete. Support for downloading multiple files at once will be available shortly in an app update.

    Amazon S3From the New Music screen, tap the + button and select "Amazon S3." You will be prompted once to enter your access key, secret key, and region. Files you select will be downloaded in the background and you will get a notification when they complete.

    S3 is our preferred cloud storage option due to it's low cost and high performance. Instructions on setting up an Amazon S3 bucket can be found here. If you are using Mac we reccomend 3Hub S3 client or Cyberduck for Windows.

    iTunesYou can use iTunes as you normally would to buy or add tracks to your phone, and Static will pick them up on next launch. Note that Static currently is not able to read DRM'ed Apple Music tracks.

    iTunes File SharingThe Mac and Windows iTunes applications allow you to back up your music, and drag new files into Static from your computer. Select your device in iTunes, then click on "Apps" and scroll down to "File Sharing" and select Static. You can now drag and drop files between your computer and the "Static Documents" window. Important: Deleting the "Sorted" folder will permenantly remove all downloaded music from the app; See backing up for details on using this folder.

    iCloud & other appsFrom the New Music screen, tap the + button and select "iCloud & other apps." Files may be downloaded from your iCloud drive, or you can access content from other apps that include document picker extensions by tapping "Locations."

  • Loudness & Graphic EQ

    Tapping the settings button    will give you access to loudness control and the graphic EQ.

    The graphic EQ lets you adjust frequency components of the audio signal; Ex: turn the bass or treble up or down. To open the EQ settings tap on the shaded graph button at the bottom of the settings panel. You can swipe left and right or tap to select the frequency band, and swipe up and down to adjust the level of the selected band.

    The loudness control lets you boost the audio signal. Note that the "High" setting is only available when audio is playing through the iPhone speaker. The signal path goes from the equalizer to the loudness effect so both can be used in concert. Ex: turning down all the low frequency bands (20-80Hz) and turning loudness on will yield a much cleaner, louder sound when playing through the iPhone speaker.

  • Playlists

    Tap the share action button from the now playing screen, and choose "Add to Playlist" and then "New" to create a new playlist. Note that Static does not have permission to modify playlists created in iTunes.

  • Backing Up

    Static uses maintains a "·Sorted·" folder that contains audio files that have been indexed and sorted that you can back up to your computer using iTunes file sharing. If you delete this folder, all music contained in it will be removed from your phone. Do not replace Sorted with an identically named folder or it will not be indexed by Static.

    To Backup, change, and restore files:
    1. Copy the "·Sorted·" folder to your computer by dragging it from "Static Documents" under iTunes file sharing.
    2. After the transfer is complete, rename the folder on your computer from "·Sorted·" to any other name.
    3. Delete the "·Sorted·" folder under "Static Documents"
    4. Make your changes to the new folder and copy it back into "Static Documents" in iTunes.
    5. Relaunch Static; Reindexing may take a minute to complete.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Static work with Apple Music or Spotify?
    Not at this time.

    What file formats does Static support?
    mp3, wav, m4a, m4b, aif, alac, ale and zip.

    Can Static download missing album art?
    Yes - Static will periodically check for missing album art in the background if your phone is connected to WiFi.

    Music downloads seem slow, or are not working.
    Static uses iOS background transfer to download files. You will see much better performance when the phone is connected to WiFi and the iPhone battery is not low.

    Can Static download from Soundcloud, etc?
    Static cannot download from third party sources without their permission per Apple's guidelines. If you host music content that you would like to allow Static to download, please get in touch and we'd be happy to integrate it.